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Police and Background checks for Corporates in seconds!

Instant Checks

Police for Individuals with ID Verified by Australia Post

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Clinical Credentialing Online

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Online Performance Appraisals

Mercury eRecruit
Integrating Recruitment and Technology

Streamlines the recruitment process and consolidates all the administrative tasks associated with requesting, advertising, approving and filling vacant positions

Designed for efficiency and ease of use

The intuitive user interface makes it easy to get started with automatic population of data and drag and drop functionality.

Logos and colour schemes to match your brand

eRecruit reflects your offline processes from the job requisition approvals process to the onboarding of successful candidates.

Levels for your organisation, or individual departments

Manage system access through roles and permissions, so that users only have access to the information that is relevant to them.

Seamlessly connect to external systems

Interface with external job boards, HRIS and payroll systems.

Job Alerts
Subscribe to alerts and notifications

Members of your applicant pool are automatically notified of vacancies via email.

Timely and valuable information

eRecruit's suite of default reports provides snapshots of common data queries in real-time. Export the results in a range of formats, such as PDF and Microsoft Excel.

Talent Pool
Manage and report on applicants

Resume parsing allows you to search through your talent pool to find applicants with matching skills and qualifications.

Online help available 24/7

Use Mercury's helpdesk to submit requests. Our dedicated support team is available to answer any eRecruit questions, or provide guidance on best practices. Client user forums are held regularly to gain feedback and help create new features.

Social Networking
Reach a wider audience

Engage potential candidates through facebook, twitter, and hundreds of other social networking sites. Post YouTube videos about your organisation, or specific positions.

Start on the right foot

Mercury’s On-boarding module provides an automated, customisable system for transitioning candidates into their work environment. There are a multitude of activities to get a new employee ‘work ready’, and typically a number of parts of your organization that need to be involved, including HR, Payroll, IT, Procurement… the list goes on.

Variation of Employment Module
Change of Employee Status

Variations to employment typically out-number recruitment transactions 5 to 1. These changes require some degree of authorization, by using e-Recruit’s approvals processes these are managed ‘on-line’ and are fully auditable. This system can interface to existing payroll systems to provide even greater efficiency, improved data accuracy and reduced manual effort.

Termination Module
Complete the cycle

Allows an employee to complete an online resignation form and sends it to the appropriate department (i.e. Payroll). Generate a confirmation letter to the employee along with notifications to the IT/Security/HR departments outlining which equipment may need to be returned. An exit interview forms part of the process.

Mercury eRecruit

To find out even more about eRecruit, download our brochure now!

To find out about our automated, customisable system for transitioning candidates, download our On-boarding brochure!

Mercury Fit2Work
Police and Background checks for Corporates in seconds!

Fit2Work offers national coverage for all background checks through an easy to use system, all you need is an internet connection! Almost 80% of Fit2Work’s national police checks are returned in seconds and we can have your organisation up and running in a matter of hours.

Australian National Police History Checks

Fit2Work allows you to login and perform National Police History Checks online for prospective/current staff and volunteers without having to engage in a third party to help, therefore reducing processing time. A large percentage of checks are returned instantly and all 8 police jurisdictions in Australia are interrogated. (Federal, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, NT, WA, TAS).
Fit2Work will allow you to track and manage the status of all of your checks and automatically creates a database that you can search and schedule future refresher checks.

Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing

Australia’s extensive legislation has tightened the net around individuals presenting a risk in regard to money laundering and/or financing terrorism. Fit2Work’s solution assists in authenticating the identity of individuals and reduces the likelihood of identity theft and fraud. Fit2Work utilises comprehensive identity databases to electronically confirm identity and ensure AML & CTF compliance.

Basic Credit

Fit2Work will access in-depth and predictive credit history reports on millions of consumers in Australia and New Zealand. Where required, this check will provide information on commercial and consumer data.

Adverse Credit

Fit2Work will access the credit history of your applicant to for any adverse records which may impact their suitability for a role within your organisation.

International Criminal History Check

Fit2Work’s International Criminal History Check identifies felony and/or misdemeanour level conviction records and arrests pending adjudication in the country requested. Multiple countries based on the applicant’s travel and work history may be selected. For a comprehensive list of the countries we currently check please don’t hesitate to call.


Fit2Work has a direct link to the AHPRA database and we can check each and every clinician’s AHPRA registration on a daily basis. The system will notify you daily of any changes in registration and allow you to maintain a fully equipped and registered workforce.

Bankruptcy & National Insolvency

If an individual is bankrupt or has entered into a personal insolvency agreement they are automatically disqualified from managing corporations or being a director. We will search the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPI) for details of creditors’ petitions, debt agreements, personal insolvency agreements, bankruptcies, insolvent deceased estates, control orders and authorities in relation to breaches of the corporations act.


This check is designed to search for banned securities and futures representatives or AFS banned persons. Fit2Work filters the ASIC register for those persons who are banned and/or disqualified from involvement in the management of a corporation, or banned from practising in the financial services industry under the Corporations Act.

Employment History

We’ve been conducting ‘Employment History’ checks for 16 years and value the need to ensure a candidates CV adds up. Positions of employment including dates and the likelihood of re-employment will be verified with appropriate officers at past places of employment.

Qualification Check

Fit2Work will verify tertiary qualifications directly with relevant institutions. Verification of the institutes and courses attended, commencement and completion dates and the qualification obtained will be confirmed.

Entitlement To Work (Visa)

Only Australian citizens, permanent residents and New Zealand citizens who have entered Australia on a valid passport are able to work in Australia without restriction. If foreign nationals wish to work in Australia they must obtain an appropriate visa. Via Fit2Work, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship can provide verification of a foreign national’s current visa status and give comprehensive details of their entitlement to work.

AFS Authorised Representative Register

Fit2Work will conduct a check the ASIC database to ensure your applicant is an AFS Authorised Representative. Any non-AFS licence holders are also unable to offer or advise you about financial products.

AFS Licensees Register

Fit2Work will conduct a check through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to ensure that the applicant is an authorised AFS licence holder. Any business or person that offers or advises you about financial product must hold an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence.

APRA Disqualified Register

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) oversees banks, credit unions, building societies, life insurance, friendly societies, general insurance and reinsurance companies and most members of the superannuation industry. Fit2Work will check an individual’s ARPA qualification or disqualification from important roles within the Australian authorised deposit-taking, general insurance and superannuation industries due to conviction for an offence involving dishonest conduct or bankruptcy.

ASIC Banned & Disqualified Persons

Fit2Work screens AFS disqualified persons, securities representatives and future representatives from the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) Banned and Disqualified Register. The ASIC register details a person’s disqualification from managing an organisation under the Corporations Act in addition to determining limitations from running corporations, Fit2Work will also coordinate an advanced personal name search to advise you of previous roles held including an applicant’s commencement and termination dates.

ASIC Credit Registered Persons

Fit2Work will conduct checks through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to confirm a candidate’s credit registration prior to engaging in credit activities under state and territory legislation.

ASIC Credit Representative

Fit2Work will conduct a check through Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to ensure that the applicant is a Credit Representative. Credit representatives are authorised to engage in specified credit activities on behalf of a credit licensee.

ASIC Credit Licence Register

Fit2Work will check an applicant’s Credit License Registration through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) prior to the applicant commencing business on behalf of your organisation.

Overview of Fit2Work

To find out even more about Fit2Work, download our brochure now!

Go to the Fit2Work site

Mercury Instant Checks
Police Checks for Individuals verified at Australia Post

The fastest way to gain National Police History Checks via Australia Post.
Approximately 80% of checks returned in around 1-2 hours.

Step 1
Fill out your details online, print the completed form & take it to a participating Australia Post retail outlet

Step 2

Take printed form and 100 points ID to Australia Post

Step 3

Track check status and download your certificate

Mercury’s new online service, Instant Checks, caters specifically to individuals’ requiring a police check for employment purposes.
The majority of police checks are returned within 1-2 hours and you will be notified immediately once a result has been issued. Instant Checks offers the ability to track and manage your police check status, print off multiple certificates and the functionality for your employer to verify your police check result online.
Simply, visit the Instant Checks website, complete the online form and take it to a participating Australia Post retail outlet with 100 points of ID to perform an in person identity check. Your certificate will then be sent to you via email.
It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Instant Checks

To find out even more about Instant Checks, download our brochure now!

Go to the Instant Checks site

The Mercury Team
Leadership with Big Ideas

Mercury employs a team of staff skilled in the entire continuum of Human Resource software development. Our Executive Directors have amongst the highest level of strategic Human Resource and IT experience in Australia. Mercury employs a number of skilled staff whose focus includes System Architecture, Integration, Technical Writers and Web Developers of the highest calibre.

  • John is the founder and Managing Director of the Mercury Group of Companies

John Anastasiou
Managing Director

  • Lyn has worked across multiple areas of the health sector and has extensive experience as an employer in the health sector

Lyn Gunnell
National General Manager for Executive Recruitment

  • Stephen has been with Mercury over 10 years and has overseen the development of all of our online products from initial conception

Stephen Banks
General Manager of Online Services

  • Gary brings over 14 years of development experience across both Government and Private sectors

Gary Hibbard
Senior Team Leader

  • Damien brings 10 years of client relations and customer service experience to the support system

Damien Bradshaw
Support Officer

  • 7+ years of demonstrated experience and success as a Business Analyst

Jasbir Singh
Business Analyst

  • Over 10 years of IT Management and IT development experience within a range of commercial sectors

Robert Moorehouse
Software Development Manager

  • Extensive client management, human resources and recruitment experience

John Morris
Fit2Work Product Manager

Kellie Speechley
eCredential Product Manager

  • Marisa commenced with Mercury in 2009 as the Product Manager for Fit2work, and now leads a charged team in NSW

Marisa De Salvo
NSW Account Manager

  • Len brings over 20 years experience in consulting on HR Solutions to the Local Govt, Healthcare, Education & Finance sectors

Len Hayward
Regional Manager Qld / NSW

Mercury’s team are always helpful when responding to enquiries about their systems or any system changes and updates.
They have the
flexibility to modify and improve their HR systems to make life easier for their customers


Monash Health has been Mercury’s client for
e-Recruit and Fit2work.
Both of these products assist the HR department in the recruitment process and add considerable efficiencies to our work.


Mercury supports our essential business philosophy with its ongoing commitment to provide high quality human resource solutions


Mercury eCredential
Clinical Credentialing Made Easy

Monitor real-time status, customised Scope of Practice, and configurable reminders

Clinical Governance

  • Full Credential process for audit and review.
  • Assists in meeting ‘governance’ requirements for all Health Practitioners.
  • Comprehensive profile including registration details, insurance, background checks.
  • eCredential satisfies all State Government information requirements.
  • Remind admin-users of upcoming credentialing expiry and ability to trigger re-credentialing events.
  • Provides alerts when clinicians AHPRA registration changes.

Clinician Centric

  • Clinicians can create and maintain their own information within a single online “global profile”. Clinician only needs to complete their profile once.
  • Maintains clinician privacy at all times; clinicians can choose to share their profile with a Hospital or Health Service.

Scope of Practice

  • Build and manage a flexible and comprehensive scope of clinical practice library.
  • Organisations can define and add a ‘Scope of Practice’ which can be tailored to suit requirements.
  • Ability for Hospital/Health Service to log supervision and restrictions against whole scope or specific procedures.

Patient Safety

  • Protection and care.
  • Clinical managers can quickly establish identity with a photo and check scope of clinical practice relevant to attending clinicians.
  • Registration related details quickly and easily accessed.
  • Expired Registrations, credentialing period, suspensions or terminations tracked and visible.

Committee Review

  • Review clinician details off-site; track which credentialing committee members have viewed clinician details.
  • Flexible Credentialing Meetings; create agendas, run meetings on or off-site and generate minutes where required.
  • Access historical credentialing record (details submitted by the clinician and actions taken through credentialing process) details for audit or compliance.
  • Create any number of credentialing committee.

Improve Efficiency

  • Clinician Management System; manage employment status.
  • Track credentialing progress.
  • Reduces the need for paper; access details quickly.
  • Auto-reminders of key dates and expiring details.
  • Create customised document templates and generate any number of Word documents, including letters of offer and contracts.
  • Admin-users can create “to do” reminders.
  • Wide range of reports, all exportable to Excel.

Simple to Use

  • Supports your entire credentialing workflow; no further requirement for paper-based processes.
  • Customisable system settings.
  • Fully flexible, customisable and secure role based user access.
  • Generate PDF versions of the clinician’s profile and Scope of Practice.
  • Ability to assist a clinician with their profile, and/or submission of their profile (with approval from the clinician).
  • Automated emails triggered to notify admin-users of progress, or clinicians of requirements/outcomes.

Mercury eCredential

To find out even more about eCredential, download our brochure now!

Our Skills
Getting the Best Results

Mercury has developed a reputation as a leader in providing HR support to various sectors throughout Australia. As a company, we work across a broad range of industries including health & aged care, community services, government, banking & finance, retail and education. We are continuing to expand with offices across Australia and internationally.

Our clients range in size from large government departments such as NSW Health to small not-for-profits and aged care services. What sets us apart from our competitors is our quality service, support, responsiveness and our innovative approach to providing HR solutions that meet the exact needs of our clients.

Australian owned & operated


Knowledge of HR Processes


Responsiveness & Innovation


Expertise in HR software development


Executive Recruitment

Mercury has a long established reputation in the area of executive recruitment.
We pride ourselves in providing quality outcomes for the Health Industry, local government and community sectors.

Team Photo

Our Team
Our Recruiters are actively involved in the field having networks in the Corporate and Health sectors, including Local Government and Not-For-Profit organisations.

We provide our clients with canidates, confident that any of our preferred applicants would be highly successful in their appointment to your organisation.

Current Vacancies

Current Vacancies

Career Management
Mercury's team of career management advisors are dedicated

We provide quality professional Coaching, Outplacement and Career Transition service to ensure organisations achieve corporate goals and individuals secure the right career.

Strategic Planning
Mercury facilitates businesses in their Continuing Improvement, Strategic Development and Organisational Growth

Efficient coordinator of strategic planning for any Health, local Government or Community Organisation.

$ $

Salary Benchmarking
Providing critical guidance in salary reviews and employee assessment

We help our clients manage their business through our ability to benchmark against sector data and similar organisations.

Performance Management
Structured around the performance and professional development of employees

Our team of performance management advisors are available to assist you with an extensive or specific performance management requirement.

Psychometric Testing
Used as an addition to support the recruitment process or as an Organisational Development technique

We utilise a variety of modern Psychometric Testing processes to further fulfill your Human Resources needs.

Video Overview
Recruitment augmented by cutting edge technology

Mercury Recruitment is a niche, highly specialised recruitment and human resource services provider servicing health, community, Medicare Locals, local government, the not-for-profit sector and associated organisations.

We have extensive experience in providing a highly specialised talent search service at the management & executive level. At Mercury Recruitment, we strive to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients using a collaborative approach.

To find out even more about Recruitment, download our brochure now!


Site Visits per month


Countries we can Process Background Checks for


Years in operation


Active Users

Mercury ePerformance
Online Performance Appraisals

ePerformance ensures both managers and staff take maximum benefit from a highly efficient and productive performance appraisal process

From anywhere

Easy to use web based system accessible anywhere in the world with no training required..

Direct Feedback
Instant appraisals

Feedback is obtained quickly and directly from the employer and the employee.

Template Driven
To suit your needs

Choose from a pre-existing range of performance templates with the ability to add, edit or delete questions and criteria.

Time Saving
And Streamlined

Tailor and group questioning into meaningful sections with the ability to quickly copy from existing templates.

100% online and self-paced

The Appraisal can be monitored and performed at anytime from our website.

Professional Development
And Streamlined

Assists determining & recording skills & capabilities that might not be otherwise recognised.

Gap Analysis
Specific skill reporting

The system generates ‘Gap Analysis’ to allow a focus on specific areas of need.

Reminders & Alerts
Be kept in the loop

Reminder emails sent at key stages throughout the process.

In Real-time

suite which allows monitoring of compliance levels, KPI’s and development opportunities.

Mercury ePerformance

To find out even more about ePerformance, download our brochure now!

We Work with a number of

Federal, Government, and Corporate clients.

NSW & Federal
Other Government

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