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Australia Post Police Checks 

A National Police Check certificate costs $49.90, and only $29.90 if you're applying for a volunteer position.
This price includes electronic delivery of your certificate.

If you need a physical copy of your certificate, the cost will be an additional $10. This includes delivery via Registered Post. See a sample of the hard copy certificate. Remember that with our service, potential employers can verify your certificate online, so you may not need a physical copy - but check with them first.

Click the link above &   start your application

Apply for you Police Check online, print out out, and organise your 100 points of ID.

Get your 100 points of ID verified

Visit a participating Post Office with you 100 points of ID and pay for your application.

Receive your Police Check certificate

We'll confirm by email or SMS when your Police Check is ready. You may choose to also receive a hard copy in the mail.​

80% of checks are returned within 15 minutes of submitting.

The remainder are flagged for manual processing, and typically take 2-10 business days.
Approximately 5% of Checks may take up to 20 business days.

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