fit2work Education, Visa & Employment Checks

fit2work is able to verify an individual’s entitlement to work in Australia, educational qualifications and employment history globally following a 100% online approach as all our other background check options.

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VISA – Entitlement to work
fit2work Visa (Entitlement to Work) Checks provide you with visa type, verification, status, work limitations, and expiry information sourced direct from the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection. fit2work can re-run checks automatically to meet the Government ‘reasonable steps’ requirements. Australian passports can also be verified to prove citizenship status.

Educational Qualifications
fit2work can verify the bona fides of an individual’s tertiary educational qualifications as submitted.

Employment History Verifications
fit2work can verify an individual’s employment history – including company name. dates and positions –  via HR/Payroll.

Checks for VISA, qualification, bankruptcy, individual credit and more

fit2work background checks are in-depth and far greater than just a Police History search. Which roles are being considered? What is the business environment? What is the potential risk to your business or your staff in each role?

With a regularly updated, comprehensive suite of checks available, we can deliver a truly robust and thorough background screening service. From individual credit checks to anti money laundering checks, we have you covered.

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