Our People

Our People

The Mercury team is dedicated to providing the very best in product innovation and development and customer service.
  • John Anastasiou

    John Anastasiou John Anastasiou LinkedIn Profile

    Managing Director

    John Anastasiou is the founder and Managing Director of the Mercury Group of Companies. 

    After a career in commercial organisations including Telstra, Honda and Mazda, John began consulting to the Health and Government sectors.  In 1997 he established Mercury, a niche recruitment company with a focus on performance and innovation. The company soon invested in the development of SAS Recruitment, HR  and Background Screening systems. Since that time John has worked with numerous Boards of Management to facilitate business strategy, planning and execution.

    John holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Honours in Applied Psychology, post graduate studies in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and a Master of Business.  He has also held senior academic positions and sat on the Boards of a number of Not for Profit and aged care organisations.

  • Stephen Banks

    Stephen Banks Stephen Banks LinkedIn Profile

    General Manager | Online Services

    Stephen has been with Mercury over 15 years and has overseen the development of all of our online products from initial conception.

  • Lyn Gunnell

    Lyn Gunnell

    National General Manager | Executive Recruitment

    Lyn has worked across multiple areas of the health sector and has extensive experience as an employer in the health sector.

  • Trevor Andrew

    Trevor Andrew

    Team Lead | Mercury HR Platform
  • Sharad Shashidhar

    Sharad Shashidhar

    Product Manager | Mercury Performance
  • Gary Hibbard

    Gary Hibbard

    Senior Team Leader | Online Services
  • John Petropoulos

    John Petropoulos

    Marketing Director
  • Marisa De Salvo

    Marisa De Salvo

    Regional Account Manager
  • Daniel Zheng

    Daniel Zheng

    Account Manager | Online Services
  • Wolfgang Perner

    Wolfgang Perner Wolfgang Perner LinkedIn Profile

    Product Manager | fit2work
  • Sam Botros

    Sam Botros

    Account Manager | Online Services
  • Chris Brooks

    Chris Brooks

    Product Consultant | Credential
  • Jasbir (Jaz) Singh

    Jasbir (Jaz) Singh

    Business Analyst
  • Christine Kha

    Christine Kha

    Business Analyst
  • Robert Moorehouse

    Robert Moorehouse

    Team Manager | Production Support
  • Daniel Hoey

    Daniel Hoey

    Technical Services Manager
  • Gary Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers

    IT Manager
  • Damien Bradshaw

    Damien Bradshaw

    Helpdesk Support Officer
  • Kelsey McDonald

    Kelsey McDonald

    Mercury Service Desk Manager
  • Lindi Voong

    Lindi Voong

  • Ian Penprase

    Ian Penprase

    Implementation Manager
  • Terry Perchanidis

    Terry Perchanidis

    Product Manager | Mercury Credential