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fit2work National Police Checks (NPCs) are available for businesses and individuals. 100% online, fast and cost effective, NPCs let you know if a candidate or employee has any Disclosable Court Outcomes (charges proven by in court, findings of guilt, date, any penalty or sentence, convictions, good behaviour bonds, current investigations, children’s court convictions, traffic convictions, and any on-the-spot fines that end up in court) that may be relevant to the position they are being considered for or hold.

Drawing on the Australian Government’s Document Verification System, accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and trusted partner of Australia Post, fit2work National Police Checks interrogate all Australian police jurisdictions.

Easy and intuitive, fit2work National Police Checks are suitable for organisations of all sizes.

Police checks, Background screening - 200 countries
Police checks

Fit2work Police checks, Background screening – 200 countries

Conduct a police check in Australia that’s secure, trusted and compliant with national standards.

Fully accredited BY ACIC (CRIMTRAC) and trusted by Australia Post. We provide services to Federal, State and Commonwealth Government as well as some of Australia’s largest and most important Corporations.



International Police check

International Criminal Background Check

International coverage of over 200 countries and overseas territories.

Applicants from most backgrounds screened with exceptional turnaround times. Checks available include International Bankruptcy and Individual Credit Checks, Global Watch and Negative Press Screening

It is becoming increasingly important that overseas applicants are screened effectively and accurately. fit2work’s comprehensive searches allow full screening regardless of background and the highest-level searches available.

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